Is it all Doom and Gloom?


So, it seems as the nights now noticeably begin to draw in and the Summer turns into Autumn, people are now turning their attention to the cold weather and the last quarter of the year… Well luckily, it’s not quite over yet! The last few Septembers have given us some great sunshine and warm weather in the South East and better still, I have personally witnessed some of the best business being done during this period of the year thanks to our suppliers providing some of the year’s best deals on new hardware, such as printers and laptops right the way through to office furniture including desks and chairs.

>Not only have lello:business further grown our team over the past 4 months, but we have also re-negotiated our buying contracts for the last quarter with some of the biggest and most competitive worldwide manufacturers in the office supplies industry meaning YOU will see even better pricing going forward compared to our competitors. For more information about how we can save your business, keep an eye out for our latest video advert being released in early September on our social media channels and at

August has been a very productive month for the team at Lello and we have seen many office refurbishments installed and completed, along with 6 new start-up businesses approach us to save them money as they begin to grow.
September will see the team spend particular attention to businesses that are looking to have an audit of their current office stationery spend when using an alternative supplier, so if you know of anyone that hasn’t tried us yet, please tell them about out honest and personal service we provide to each and every customer at Lello. Our team are also keen on talking with educational services, such as schools and colleges as we know from previous experience and existing clients that we can on average help them save up to 40% on all of their purchases thanks to our relationships direct with different manufacturers.

I am sure to hear from you all over the next month and on behalf of myself and the rest of the Lello team, we hope you have a prosperous September and keep it positive and Lello, not doom & gloom!