Local Supplier, Are you Sure?


The month of February is out of the way and I was happy to spread the love for those of you who placed
orders that qualified for the Valentines gifts, so I hope you enjoyed them! Albeit a short month, the Lello
team noticed more and more businesses across the South, seeking better pricing than they are getting
from their current office supplier. I’m glad to say that in all cases, every new enquiry throughout
February became a valued customer of Lello and I’m looking forward to building some great
relationships for the years to come with those new clients.

Locally, March will see us launch our latest campaign where the Lello team are keen to create exposure
to Schools, Colleges, NHS organisations and other businesses who believe that they are ordering from a
local supplier. I have personally noticed, many of our local competitors in Sussex have been acquired by
much larger office suppliers and from years of experience, my team and I know that this certainly does
not mean better pricing and, in most cases, means same or higher prices, with a less personal customer
service. If you or anyone you know is keen to use a local supplier and save money at the same time but
isn’t sure if their current supplier is still a local business, simply contact the team on 01403 810123 and
we will check it out for you with no obligation.

This month also sees our free business networking event, lello:networking, being sponsored by
Choctopia, who make some incredible chocolates just in time for Easter. If you are looking for more
business and would like to find out more about lello:networking, why not check out the website
www.lellonetworking.com for more information about coming along and meeting new contacts.
Don’t forget that we also reward our customers for referring us to new businesses that become clients,
so if you think you can recommend myself and the team to another contact, please get in touch at
hello@lellobusiness.com so we can reward you.

I wish you and your businesses a very prosperous March and look forward to speaking with you all over
the next month.


Rob J Cole.