Getting Ready to Open Your Business

As the government prepares to ease the lockdown on businesses, we have a number of key products that can help your business get back to work safely for your customers and employees. Whether your a clothes shop, estate agent, bank, restaurant, shopping centre or just an office based business, Lello Business can provide you the products to give you the confidence to re-open.

Hand Sanitiser Stations

These larger quantities of hand sanitisers are what you would find when you walk into most NHS buildings and care homes. Create a wash station within your workspace, office or retail store as people come in, giving you the confidence of dealing with your customers or visitors as well as giving them the reassurance that your business is on top of the current situation.

Pocket Hand Sanitiser

These can be offered to your employees to keep on them at all times when working, to ensure they are washing their hands before dealing with the next customer in a shop or restaurant, or after touching different surfaces and objects in an office.

Re-fill dispensers, Foam hand cleaners, Large Hand Soaps and Paper towels

Your washroom facilities and commercial kitchen areas may well require the above, but on a larger scale. Some of our blue chip clients are installing dispensers on the entrances if their venues. All our dispensers can be refilled and ordered in bulk to ensure you have stock on hand. We even have the option of automatic sensor dispensers, to avoid all surface contact.

Face Masks

Some businesses are insisting that all visitors wear a mask when in their office, or workplace and other workers may require something substantial that can be worn again and again. Whatever your requirement, Lello have the answer, from disposables to FFP2 Medical and Non- Medical masks.

Desk Space Hygiene

So, now that you are hopefully back in the office or normal workspace, we understand that it is imperative that you keep this clean and sanitised. We have the products that are perfect for just this task and most importantly, OK to use on electric hardware such as screens and keyboards. Keep your surfaces wiped down to avoid the spread of disease and use spray sanitisers to disinfect the harder to reach places.

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There are 1,000’s of more products available from Lello to ensure you get your business back up and running, from food and catering supplies, to everyday essentials like printer inks and paper, but as always at prices to beat ANY other UK supplier on like for like.

Talk to our team today for pricing or if you have any products you would like Lello to source for you.

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