President Biden has spent his first week in the Oval office, but how could we have helped?

January 20th saw the 46th president of the United States sworn into oval office, with many predicting a challenging first 100 days ahead. But how could Lello make things easier for the new presidents first days in office?

The journey into work

Like Joe Biden, many of us are unable to work from home and continue to travel into our place of work, so keeping safe against COVID-19 whilst out and about is a high priority. Lello’s PPE range would ensure Joe and his colleagues can travel safely to work with our well fitted face masks for respiratory protection, our 130ml pocket hand sanitisers to protect against surface transmission through to our rapid antigen tests which can ensure no one travels if you are currently carrying the virus to protect those around you.

On arrival to the office

Once the president arrived at the office, our large range of automatic soap and sanitiser dispensers can be used before entering the building, whilst the Oval staff could have used Lello face shields to keep the president safe whilst communicating clearly which face masks can often prohibit.

Personalising the office

Like most of us would, Biden has had a move around to make his new office feel like home. Lello’s furniture range would have supplied the perfect desk to match the surroundings and most importantly, the right chair to work from ensuring to keep posture and save on future back and neck issues (yes,ok, his desk was gift from Queen Victoria and our chairs don’t have kevlar backs to protect from potential assassins). New desk lighting from some of the best designers in the market could add a better ambience whilst also making sure they allow the right light to work in. Understandably, the new President will have a busy office with people coming and going, so adding one of Lello’s bespoke safety screens around his desk would add to the safety of himself and team. For those guests waiting to see him, Lello’s comfortable breakout furniture including chairs, sofas and coffee tables would keep the nerves at bay, whilst our range of televisions could offer a nice distraction whilst they wait to meet the President.

The office basics

No doubt, Joe’s first day was a busy one with lots to fit in and the last thing he would be wanting to do is hunting around for a pen and paper to sign off all those new executive orders. Our office supplies range has everything he would need on his desk, from pens and paper to paper trays and desk tidies to match the grand surroundings. He may even want his own personalised stationery and with Lello’s fast 24 hour turnaround print service, we would not have kept the 46th US President waiting so he could crack on with the job in hand.

How could Lello’s products help Joe to help the American People?

With the Coronavirus being top the of new administrations agenda and money being tight for many of the general public, an easy way of ensuring that Biden keep the people of America as safe as possible, would be to advise them to look at Lello online to get the products that they need in the home, from kitchen cleaning consumables, toiletries and other washroom products, to home printer inks, masks and various PPE, but most importantly at the best price available with a next day delivery compared to other suppliers.

In a nutshell

The 800K+ products that Lello supply, apply to any business, any profession and everyday home life, but with a difference. Lello will always ensure the best price available, with delivery to your front door at no extra cost. Our new online store has never been easier to use to save you time and money, so people can feel reassured that in these trying times, at least you have saved money on the products you need to keep you safe, calm and able to carry on…

Oh, and good luck to the new President! 🙂