The Lello Road Map for PPE

So, with the latest government announcement giving the public a road map out of lockdown, tests will remain a popular product even more so after many schools return on the 8th of March. Businesses should be testing staff with children attending school along with other members of staff and those tests should be done on a regular basis to keep everyone in the workplace and at home safe.

8th March 2021 – School’s Return

Every school in the UK will need and have been given budgets to buy masks, hand sanitiser, face shields, surface wipes, safety goggles, and gloves and Lello have already given pricing on some of these items, but we can now add packs of 72 wipes at just £1.75 per pack onto that list along with safety goggles at £3.50 per pair and vinyl gloves at our lowest price yet of £6.50 per box of 100.

To go even further, as PPE for schools will be on going, lello have added volume pricing on masks as schools will need to provide free masks for students and we know that this could start hitting already stretched budgets hard, so we are offering 1,000 boxes at £4.25 each and giving an additional 1,000 boxes for free to give everyone a chance to give free masks to students without too much outlay.

29th March 2021 – Lockdown Over

This is the day that the stay at home order officially ends and on the lead up to this date companies will no doubt be talking about staff returning to work, but there is obviously no guarantee on what people will do as furlough will still run until the end of April. Companies that will get people back at work need to do testing on returning staff and masks should be compulsory. Over the coming weeks, the Lello team will be working on a return to office pack that businesses can purchase for each member of staff and Lello’s return to work pack will have a 1 month supply of products to keep each team member safe.

Also on this date, organised sports events are allowed to commence. Rugby clubs, football clubs, hockey clubs etc…. adult and junior and some of these will have funding for various PPE in the adult side that could include testing, sanitiser and making sure supporters socially distance and wear PPE. We understand that the key to ensure these events get approved and go ahead will be down to testing kits at a semipro level and by testing players to show compliance, all products which we continue to supply at the best prices in the UK and many organisations may be able to apply for funding from the local authority or sport governing bodies.

12th April 2021 – Non-essential Retail to Open

The run up to this date will be the busiest time for everyone this year! Masks, masks, masks and staff testing and in some cases, even customer testing. Lello will continue to negotiate with UK manufacturers to drive pricing down for all of our customers so together we can protect both staff and customers for

17th April 2021 – Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels and Bars Open

Hotels open and pubs and restaurants open indoors, but don’t think that this will be back to 3 deep at the bar and everyone allowed to roam free. For the time being it will most likely be back to like it was last year with table service and masks when you move around. The Lello team have continued to support many of the major hospitality chains and independent businesses in this industry throughout with spread payment options and of course, the lowest prices across the UK.

There are over 500 different types of products alone available for this sector to keep customers and staff safe. From our findings last year, those establishments that showed the most compliance, even if beyond what was required, did the best trade, showing people that they practice what they preach. In a recent study, most people said that they would happily pay for the price of a test added onto a hotel room price saying that they would rather
stop in that hotel and also pubs, bars and restaurants who supply masks to customers as they walk in the door.

21st June 2021 – The Return to Normality?

Most people think that the country will try to go on holiday on the build up to this date with travel firms, airlines, holiday parks already showing interest in wanting to test staff regularly to keep the industry moving. Airports will be busier than normal and government guidance could well suggest that mask wearing is still critical in lots of locations.

Masks and testing are the key to actually getting us to this point, so to ensure you get the right products for your school, office, builders yard, restaurant, bar, hotel, holiday park etc. contact any member of the Lello team who will be happy to advise on the products that suit your circumstances best, but most importantly, at the best prices in the UK, guaranteed 🙂

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