Your Printer Might Need some TLC When You Return to the Office

As more and more people return to their offices, we expect printers that have been dormant for 12 months to come up with many different issues, as if running a printer wasn’t painful enough!

These will include service errors such as:

  • Print errors
  • Marks on pages
  • And a call for replacement parts

A number of these issues can be sorted with easy steps.

  1. Open the printer, remove the toners and rock each toner slightly to loosen any clumps in the powder
  2. Make sure the first attempted print is just mono
  3. Run a test page on colour printers and mono printers
  4. Run a cleaning page cycle

One thing to be remember is that there is still a world shortage on printers and printer spares, so it is important not to panic as most stock will be back to normal by the end of July to the beginning of August, but only if demand is at normal levels.

Lello are here to support you so please use our vast experience in the industry. We have a test page sheet that we can send to customers with colour printers that can tell you almost instantly what the problem maybe and what the fix will be.

We hope this helps you all.

Team lello 🙂