The team at Lello:Business understand that these can be very expensive at times, especially when you have children printing off homework and photographs as well as the usual everyday documentation found in a typical office. Lello Business ensure to compete on like for like consumables with the internet and we also offer a great selection of remanufactured ink & toner cartridges to save you money.

WAIT, what was that? RE-MANUFACTURED you SAY!!!?? Let the Lello:Business team give you some reassurance…These are not compatibles, which we can’t stress enough. They are original empties, filled with the same quality ink or toner & will exceed the yield of an original in most cases. They also do not void any warranties on printers you may have and for extra assurance, we would replace any printer that is broken because of one of our own re-manufactured cartridges… something that has never happened in our long history of supply!

Give us a try today and see how economical it can be to print in the office and home! All of our cartridges are fully guaranteed.